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Well hello there! I am changing it up from my regularly scheduled travel posts and I’m coming at you today with a fashion post!

When we first started traveling we decided we were going to be “light” travelers. We’ve only ever had a carry-on sized rolling luggage and a backpack. So with this I’ve had to be really smart and intentional about the clothing that I bring with me on trips. This means that I tend to bring layers (layers are KEY), and I stick to a certain color palate.

Recently I have become a brand Ambassador for the SexyModest clothing Boutique and I am so excited to wear their clothing on my upcoming trips! First of all I have learned that wearing modest clothing while traveling is just easier for me. I don’t have to worry about bra straps showing, accidentally showing too much cleavage and I just feel like I look a little more respectful if we are entering churches (which we love to go to lots of churches when traveling). The Brigitte Brianna’s SexyModest Collection does a create job a creating stylish and modern looks that just so happen to be modest. Another thing that I am so excited about is that SexyModest has their own Wrinkle Free collection! How perfect is this for traveling?! In the six hotels we have stayed at so far overseas, only one of them had an iron! I am so excited about the idea of having clothing that I can roll up and cram into our suitcase and they will still look cute when we get to our destination!!

Brigitte Brianna Venice Dress

Brigitte Brianna Venice Dress

Recently I got the Brigitte Brianna Venice Dress from SexyModest and I love it! First of all, it is made from that wrinkle free fabric that I was so excited about and let me tell you that fabric is so soft and comfortable! The dress felt so flattering and comfortable on that I almost forgot I was wearing such a cute dress while I was going around running errands and picking up my house. The dress also arrived super fast (within 3 days of ordering it) and my order came with a small surprise, a pair of pearl earrings.

For those of you wondering I’m wearing a size M in the color Kate Blue.

With Easter just around the corner, this just seems like the perfect spring dress!

To shop SexyModest click here.

Let me know! Where is your favorite place to shop for travel clothing?

Merrie Rodriguez

Creator of the Merriement Blog