Meteora, Greece

On our second full day in Thessaloniki we took a day trip to Meteora. We had to wake up very early for our 6:30 pickup at our hotel. FUN FACT: there is not much open that early anywhere in Greece! Good luck finding some breakfast if you have to wake up that early!

The tour bus drove us to Meteora stopping each way at a convince store so we could get some snacks and use the restroom.

The tour guide was fantastic and gave insights about what we were seeing through the whole trip (even on the bus ride!) In fact on the bus ride we drove past Mount Olympus, which I thought was the coolest thing ever!

While at Meteora the tour first stop at an icon shop in Kalabaka and we could not only shop but see the process that goes into making the many icons you see.

We then drove to a scenic spot where we could get out of the bus and take some pictures. Nathan has a fear of heights, but this guy was such a daredevil walking out on that rock. I suddenly got a huge fear of heights right here and could hardly move!

After our photo op we finally got to the monastery. We were able to tour two monasteries and they were just breathtaking!

Tip: Ladies, be sure to wear modest clothing. Shoulders need to be covered and pants/skirts past the knee. I thought my maxi dress was modest enough but there was a slit that went past my knee. No worries if you aren’t dressed appropriately though! They do have skirts and shawls you can borrow when you get there

Tip: No photos or videos when inside the monastery.

After the tour we stopped by a restaurant in Kalabaka where we were just able to take in the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

If you are planning a trip to Greece I highly recommend going to Meteora. This city is such a natural beauty!

Let me know in the comments: What is the most beautiful place you have ever been to?

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Merrie Rodriguez

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