Our New Fur Baby

This past weekend we finally got a puppy! We have been looking at puppies and wanting to get one ever since we got married. However, with out work schedules it just was not possible at the time. Finally, now that I have lessen my workload and I’m free for the summer, it was the perfect time for us to get a puppy. When we were looking we knew we wanted to get a rescue puppy and we weren’t too picky with the breed. I was hoping to get a small-medium sized dog that was on the fluffy side.

After applying for a few puppies we found on PetFinder.com , we finally heard back from the Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas and we were able to go meet Woody at his foster mom’s house. As soon as we saw Woody we just fell in love and had to take him home!

Woody’s foster mom named him and he was already responding really well to his name so we just kept it that same, it’s pretty cute! He is an Australian Shepherd mix and is about 3 months old. We we told he was one of twelve puppies and his mother was about 35 pounds (that gives us an idea how big he will be).

Woody has been one of the best puppies we have ever met. His favorite this is to cuddle and nap! He’s such a sweetheart! He can play for about five minutes (so far he really enjoys plush toys) and then he crashes. his foster mother said he was not potty trained. But, so far he has not had an accident and goes to the backdoor when he needs to be let out. Nighttime has been a little tricky but I think that should resolve itself when we get his kennel delivered.

We are so excited for this new addition to out family! Now without further ado, meet our fur baby Woody!

Merrie Rodriguez

Creator of the Merriement Blog